The New RMR Botanical Fungicide Is Here

Posted by Chris Atkinson on 04 January, 2016

Say hello to our new product RMR Botanical Fungicide.             

We have been asked for about a year now, "When will our Botanical Fungicide be released?" Well, after extensive field testing, it's now available to buy. RMR Botanical has a superior penetration into porous substances such as wood, concrete, drywall and fabric. This product kills and prevents mold and mildew as was well as prevents odors caused by bacteria, fungi, and other organisms. Great for attic jobs as well as water damage jobs. It has no harmful residue that must be removed, therefore no rinsing or wiping is required. RMR Botanical is a bactericide that contains thymol oil, which is an EPA-recognized disinfectant and fungicide. So when using RMR-86, we recommend using our new RMR Botanical for the best mold stain and fungicide fighting combination on the market today. Best of all, it's priced lower than most other botanical fungicide sold.

Click Here      To See RMR Botanical page and order some today.



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