4 Strange Facts About Mold

Posted by Angela Ostroff on 05 October, 2016


Here at the RMR Solutions blog, we work hard to inform you about mold and mold removal. Our articles have covered all kinds of mold facts and mold-related news: from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. In this article we'll be sharing the flat-out strange. Here are 4 surprising facts about mold.


1. McDonald's food is mold-proof. It turns out that even mold has some standards when it comes to food. As all too many home and business owners know, mold is capable of thriving on virtually all types of material--from wood, to metal, to drywall, and, of course, on many foods. One thing that mold simply will not consume, however, is McDonald's food. Some experiments have shown that even after many years of being left out in the open, McDonalds burgers will not develop mold.


Now, to be fair, it should be pointed out that this is not due to an overabundance of chemicals, as some critics of fast food have claimed. Instead, it is simply because McDonald's burgers are very thin, giving them a high ration of surface area to volume. This means that their burgers dry out very quickly, thus removing one of the most important elements required in order for mold to grow: water.


2. Mold is bleach-proof. Many people believe the common myth that applying bleach to mold is enough to kill it. Logically, this idea seems to make sense. Bleach is a very harsh chemical that is often used to kill potentially dangerous organic substances. And, in fact, it is true that mold growing on the smoothest of surfaces, such as a flat sheet of metal, is susceptible to being killed by bleach.


However, in most real world scenarios, mold manages to penetrate and permeate the substances on which it has grown. For example, mold growing on wood or drywall will permeate the pores of that material deeply enough that bleach will not kill all of it. Although the bleach may appear to do some good, the mold will quickly return. This is exactly why investing in a specially designed mold removal product such as the RMR Botanical mold killer is always advisable.


3. Mold has been used in biological warfare. Most people understand that mold can be very harmful to human health. However, the exact extent to which mold can damage the respiratory and nervous system sometimes goes unappreciated. It is worth noting, for example, that mold has been used in the development of several compounds use in biological warfare. The mold that is generally used for such compounds is the T2 mycotoxin, which, disturbingly can be found in many homes across the United States.


4. Christmas mold? If you experience allergies around Christmas time, it could be your Christmas tree that is making you sick. Although many people do not  realize it, as Christmas trees begin to break down they become the perfect host for mold--and, as we all know, mold can spark allergic symptoms.


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