Affordable Mold Removal Solutions

Posted by Angela Ostroff on 27 July, 2016

Mold: this simple word can cause a lot of grief for home and property owners everywhere. Not only can mold be extremely costly to remove; it can also prove to be extremely destructive--both to buildings, and to our bodies. Mold can cause wood and drywall to rot. It can cause respiratory illness. It can even result in hospitalization--and the effects are even more dangerous to children. Thankfully, the proper response can stop mold in its tracks. Our mission here at RMR is simple: remove mold and mold stains! Read on to learn more about how we can help you!

The RMR Story

Traditionally, the products used to remove mold have been quite expensive. Moreover, those products have necessitated a great deal of labor: from wire brushing, to intensive scraping, to scrubbing with chemicals and specialized tools. Between the high cost of mold removal products and the even higher cost of labor, killing mold was a serious challenge. Home and property owners realized that something had to change.

That’s what inspired us here at RMR (Rapid Mold Remover) to develop our one-of-a-kind mold removal products. From the RMR 86 Stain Remover to the RMR Botanical Cleaner, Disinfectant, and Fungicide—RMR has solutions for virtually every mold problem that home and property owners encounter. Our goal is to give mold removal contractors the tools they need to succeed (while still offering home and property owners affordable prices that allow them to take care of what would otherwise be a serious danger to their health and to their property.)

The Rapid Mold Removal Line of Products

In addition to our unique mold removal chemicals, we also offer a number of useful tools and accessories. For example, our 1.5 gallon RMR solution sprayer is available for a mere $21.99. Our 3M™ Full Face Respirator is available for just $139.99. To see a comprehensive photo gallery of all RMR products (along with price listings, product descriptions, and more) simply visit RMR Solutions online.

How to Know if You Have A Mold Problem

Mold could be making you sick and/or damaging your home without you ever realizing you have a mold problem. Thankfully, most mold problems can be identified through a few key signs. For example:

  • Though severe mold infestations can cause serious health issues such as bleeding of the respiratory tract or even cognitive impairment, the first issue that smaller mold infestations will often cause is allergies. One telltale sign that allergies are being caused by mold is that your allergies seem worse indoors rather than outdoors.
  • Mold Smell. That damp, musty smell of mold should never be ignored--even if you cannot find any visible signs of mold. After all, mold tends to thrive in damp, dark places, making the hard-to-spot places such as under carpets and behind wallpaper ideal spaces for mold. Bottom line: if you smell mold, there is almost certainly mold growing somewhere.
  • Visible Mold. Conversely, it can be easy to spot mold without realizing it as well. Some mold lacks a strong smell, and black mold, (which just so happens to be the most dangerous mold) often looks more like dirt than like mold. Pay close attention to any potential mold stains: they could be indicative of a problem that is far greater than what meets the eye.

Have you discovered a mold infestation in your home or place of business? With the right tools, you can kill mold fast! Shop RMR Solutions online today!


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