Water Damage Ranks as the Number One Cause for Insurance Claims

Posted by Bearly Marketing on 25 October, 2016

To most homeowners, their house represents what is both the most financially and emotionally important investment they will make. This is why it is important to go the extra mile to keep your home protected.


Water Damage

Water damage is, of course, the most common reason why insurance claims are filed. Water damage can be the result of a leaking or burst pipe, an overflowing sink or bathtub, a huge spill, or a flood. If you do not tend to the issue as soon as possible, the water can cause steel to rust, wood to rot, and mold to spread throughout your home. It is important not to neglect water damage in your house because these problems can be far more damaging than the water itself--and, when they arise due to negligence, they are almost certain to be exempt from insurance coverage, leaving you footing the bill.


Fire Damage

Fire damage is also a very common reason for a claim. A fire can start easily and spread quickly. Fires can often spark from a wire or appliance that shorted out, an improperly- disposed- of cigarette bud, an oven left on overnight, or a candle knocked onto its side. A fire can destroy everything you own in seconds. Lucky, an insurance policy can bring most of it back. However, in order to prevent this kind of catastrophe, make sure that your appliances are all up to date. Also, try not to play with fire.


Animal Bites

It can be very embarrassing if your pet bites someone. You are confused by your pet’s bad behavior and horrified at the damage they have done. When a pet injures someone, it is traumatizing not only for the victim, but for the pet owner. You may think that your pet is incapable of doing something like this, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that you are covered.


Wind and Storm Damage

Storms can cause all kinds of damage to your home. Hail damage, destruction of outdoor furniture, roof damage, and damage from loose tree branches are all common. Flooding due to heavy rain can send water from a nearby river or pond into you home. Even minor damage can build up over time, and become something you wish you would have addressed sooner. A leaking roof can slowly turn into a rotten roof that could easily cave in under the weight of enough to rain. And while you can't prevent the storms, you can be prepared to rebuild after them.


Visitor Injury

Accidents happen. Sometimes, you have a guest who slips on your icy driveway or trips on the stairs. You want to make sure that you resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and at no expense of theirs. Most people will be understanding when these things happen, but in the result of serious injury, you want to make sure that things will be taken care of.


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