Is RMR-86™ safe to use on painted surfaces, or will it damage them?
RMR-86™ should not be used on painted surfaces, as it may damage the paint. 

What type of surface is RMR-86™ safe to use on without the likelihood of damaging them?
RMR-86™ is safe to use on roofs & shingles, concrete & stucco, wood & lumber, siding & walls, toilets & basins, plastics & PVC, and other unconditioned areas.

Can you prove your claims about the 654% profit increase from using RMR-86™ for just two days?
Yes!! The videos speak for themselves.

What makes your product different than other mold stain removers?
The scientifically designed formula of RMR-86™ allows it to remove mold stains and mildew stains rapidly with zero scrubbing. This saves you time and labor costs!

Why should I use RMR-86™ over competitor products?
RMR-86™ is the most advanced mold stain and mildew stain remover on the market today. It has been specifically formulated and tested in the field for two years.

Are there special deals for customers who consume very high quantities of RMR-86™?

Yes! Please call us at 866-822-8744 to discuss your large order.

Why is shipping so expensive?
FedEx and other companies charge Hazmat surcharges. To alleviate costs, we recommend placing orders in large quantities only. Also, ask about our local contractors program.  Check out our page for FREE SHIPPING!  Due to recent changes in UPS, FED EX & USPS rating methods, the quotes shown at Checkout may be rather out of wack, particularly for small orders. The web team is looking into this problem. In the meanwhile, please know that your card does not get charged for shipping at this point. We’ll look at each order and manually capture only what’s required for your class of shipping. Your order may qualify for Free Local Pickup! If you have any questions, please call us!

Are there any special programs to help lower or remove shipping costs?
Yes. Please call us at 866-822-8744 to discuss our local pick up options and or  if your order qualify's for  FREE shipping options.

What type of sprayer do I need to use for RMR-86™ and why?
We highly recommend the specially designed RMR Electric Sprayer. You’ll need an advanced delivery system to fully benefit from the RMR-86™’s labor-saving properties.

Why must I wear PPE (personal protection equipment) when I’m applying RMR-86™?
RMR-86™ is Sodium hypochlorite-based, which can be hazardous without proper equipment and precautions. In addition, mold stain cleanup environments are already hazardous and precautions should always be taken.

If I don’t use RMR-86™ within 120 days of the manufacture date, what happens?
Under proper storage RMR-86™ is scientifically designed to maintain its performance properties for 120 days. Due to its chemical makeup, it will breakdown slowly after that and lose it's strength. 

How long does the chlorine-like odor typically last once the area is treated?
The chlorine-like odor lasts for, on average 24 hours after application. But if  RMR Botanical is used as the  last step the chlorine odor will go away after a hour on average. 

Do you offer local pickup for contractors?
Yes! We have a distribution center out of Brighton, MI and Tampa, FL.

Do you have a user guide for RMR-86™?
The user guide is available near the bottom of the RMR-86 product page on this website.

Can you help me determine the best pricing for the amount of gallons I need of RMR-86™?
Sure! Just give us a call at (866) 822-8744. We’d be happy to go over the pricing options available for the amount of gallons you’ll require.

Do you offer a refund policy?
Please review our refund policy by clicking the link at the bottom of our website.

Do you have special prices for franchises?

Please give us a call at (866) 822-8744 to discuss options for franchises.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped?
All RMR-86™ and RMR Botanical orders will be processed within 24 business hours. Shipping time will vary between 3-5 days, depending on the shipping location.

Is RMR-86™ produced on a weekly basis?
Yes, RMR-86™ is produced on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.

Is RMR-86™ corrosive?

Yes, RMR-86™ may be corrosive on certain materials. Please visit our User Instructions page for more information.

What comes in the box when I order RMR-86™ or RMR Botanical?
The products ordered and a copy of your invoice will be received in each product order.