Pro Starter Plus Bundle

$ 803.18 $ 1,003.98

The Power Of Fast Mold Stain Remover & RMR Botanical With Our Best Sprayer All Together.  The RMR-86 Pro Starter Plus Bundle Is A Great Value!!



Bundle Includes -  

  • 2  -  5 Gallon Jugs of RMR-86
  • 2 -  2.5 Gallon Jugs of RMR Botanical
  • 1  -  RMR Electric Sprayer
Product Description
How to use Video
                • The reason RMR-86® is such a boost for your job profits is that it greatly cuts down your labor time on jobs. That said, if your delivery system requires you to hand pump to apply the solution, you’ll end up wasting thousands on extra labor over a typical month.  Why not get the full benefit and truly slash your labor to more then half of the normal time?  The RMR-86® electric 110 Volt sprayer is specially designed to deliver the entire benefit of RMR-86® quickly and efficiently.  Made to last, every part of the sprayer has been specially designed to be corrosive friendly for maximum longevity. It works great with our cleaner & mold prevention solution RMR Botanical as well. At a price far cheaper than all other similar delivery systems on the market,  it's a no brainer. Get yours today and start multiplying your profits to the maximum! 

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                • -Must Read-   RMR-86 User Instructions Before Using. Full PPE is needed for personal safety when spraying the product.                                                                      

                • RMR-86® SDS

                  RMR-86® User Instructions

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