Scented Masking Agent / Cherry

Cherry Scented Masking Agent


With any Sodium Hypochlorite based cleaning solution there is always going to be a strong odor accompanying it.  Our team at RMR Solutions has come to the rescue!  All you have to do now is select the size of RMR-86 jug you are using, and when it arrives all you do is pour it into the RMR-86 jug on the job site!  Your customers and techs will appreciate the great Cherry scent!  For any questions, give us a call!

How To Order The
Scented Masking Agent

We offer the Cherry scented Masking Agent in two sizes, each size is designated to the jug size of RMR-86 you are using. 

When ordering for a 5 Gallon Jug of RMR-86 select

“4 oz Bottle".  

When ordering for a 2.5 Gallon or 1 Gallon Jug of RMR-86 select

“2 oz Bottle″.



1) Order the the right amount of masking agent for the jug size you are using
2) When you get to the job site, pour in the cherry scented masking agent.

Be sure to only add the masking agent to containers you are going to be using that day. 

Click Here For - Cherry Masking Agent SDS