Home Environment Tips for People with Asthma

Posted by Angela Ostroff on 10 October, 2016

 As all too many sufferers of asthma know all too well, it is impossible to completely prevent all potential asthma attacks. That being said, there are many  things that can be done to greatly reduce the risk and the frequencies of such events. One of the most important things that asthma sufferers can do in order to control their symptoms is to carefully cultivate a home environment that is conductive to a healthy respiratory system. To this end, here are a few helpful tips that can help you reduce and control your asthma symptoms by managing your home environment.


Control humidity. Humidity can be harmful to respiratory health in two ways. First of all, humidity tends to increase exposure to potentially harmful allergens and other substances. Secondly, humidity can lead to mold growth. This is a subject that we will cover a bit more in-depth later on in this article. For now, let's talk about how humidity in the home can be reduced by temporarily running the heat, and by keeping windows closed on humid days.


Keep smoke outdoors. This rule may seem obvious, but it is heartbreaking to see the number of people who do not follow it. If someone in your household smokes, it is critical to ensure that they always smoke outside. To state something even more obvious: if you smoke, the quitting should be one of your number one priorities as an asthma sufferer.


Deep clean. The odds are good that there are many aggravating allergens already in your home, and that you are being exposed to these potentially harmful substances each and every day. Therefore, performing a deep cleaning in your home can do a lot to prevent potential outbreaks of asthma related symptoms. Cleaning air vents and hard-to-reach places such as under your bed could make a real difference in terms of limiting your exposure to allergens such as pollen and dust mites.


No allergens in the house! On a related note: it is important to prevent allergens from entering a home in the first place. This means keeping all doors and windows closed on days with high pollen counts, insuring that indoor pets stay indoors, and, once again, maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the house at all times.


Fight mold fast. Last but not least, it is very important to realize that mold can be one of the most potentially harmful allergens and asthma symptoms triggers on the planet. If you have even a small mold infestation in your house, it is very important that you fight is as quickly as possible. Depending on the size of the infestation and your level of confidence, it is possible to kill mold infestations by yourself. If you are interested in DIY mold removal, we encourage you to visit RMR Solutions online and check out our wide variety of products such as the RMR Botanical Cleaner, and the RMR-86 Mold Stain Remover. Together, we can fight mold and make your home a healthier place.

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